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Frank Anderson
01 Chris Green Project - Little Bit Of Texas  
02 Pat Guadagno, Aura Guadagno, Todd Sherman - Here's To You  
03 Joe Iantosca, Robert Leibner - Flip Flops  
04 Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight  
05 Tracy K Houston - How Can I Face Tomorrow  
06 Chad Hudson, BJ Peace - Identity Theft  
07 Sara Ann Garrison, Angel Steel - When I see You  
08 James Ryce - I'll Be Right Here  
09 Ron Wallace, Jerry Fox, Linda McKenzie - On My Mind  
10 Angel Steel - The One  
11 Sonny Lee, Stephen Bailey - How Can I Keep Going Foward  
12 Paul VanBuerden - I Was Wrong  
13 Thacee Davidson, Brian Kearney - It Only Hurts When I think Of You  
14 Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers - Punchin Cows, Settin Posts And Stretchin Wire  
15 Leslie Gail Russell - Hoochee Coochee  
16 Pamela Bailey - Mama's Work Is Never Done  
17 Hermann Lammers Meyer - Number One Attraction  
01 BD Williams, Brian Kearney, Norm Persing - It Hurts When I Do That  
02 Ronnie Fray - So Goes Another Day  
03 Piedmont Brothers Band - The Dark Stranger  
04 Ray Mabry - Little Things  
05 JK Coltrain, Colt Records - Two Cigarettes Out Of Memphis  
06 Ron Wallace, Jerry Fox, Linda McKenzie - Thank You Mom  
07 Chuck Schaeffer - Earnhardt Jr Blues  
08 Barry P Foley - The House I Call Home  
09 PJ Reilly - Georgies Hall  
10 Jennifer Taylor, Artie Taylor - Today Tonight  
11 Sean Murray - I Would Know  
12 Stan Cox, Sean Murray - Though Childrens Eyes  
13 MD Morgan - Foot On The Floor  
14 Brent Allan, Stephen Doster - Just Can't Ask You To Stay  
15 Erich McMann - Keep Me Loving You  
16 Grant Peoples - She Was A Wildflower  
17 Cliff Lister - This Old Heart